Friday, 1 July 2011

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Henna tattoos are believed to be originated from southern Asia and especially from India. Henna or Mehndi is a shrub that grows well in hot climates; its leaves are powdered and mixed with water to make a paste and it can be applied on body parts in different designs, it is dried and leaves the artistic orange pigment on the skin after a while. If you are afraid to undergo a painful permanent tattooing process, henna tattoo designs are the best choice for you, it is painless, temporary and chances for an allergic reaction is also almost nil. However, modern henna tattoos are not only drafted with natural henna, it adds oil and other chemicals that may be allergic to someone.
In each culture, henna tattoo designs are seen differently. In India, henna tattoos are the tradition of the people during weddings and other festivals and it's mostly applied to the girls on their arms, palms, ankle and feet. Typical Indian bride is decorated so stunningly with mehndi on her visible part of the body including forehead and chins, in their earlier history bridal mehndi took even two to three days. In Arabic designs it is the depiction of Koran passages and in most other countries it is believed as a luck factor, whereas in western countries it is merely cosmetic. In 1998, traditional Indian henna tattoos became so popular to the world through Madonna, who featured gracefully in the music album "Frozen" with mehndi on her hand.
Now, it is admired by many Hollywood artists and other celebrities. Henna designs are very famous for its flowery pattern starting from lacy to leaves and then to bunch of flowers, etc, its intricate design takes lesser time for a professional artist and worth to get it tattooed even if it lasts hardly for one or two weeks. Definitely, you may lose yourself in the art world when you stare at these intricate amazing designs. Apart from floral designs, henna is used very rarely to depict other designs also.
After applying henna tattoo designs, it should be allowed to dry for a sufficient time, the higher the time taken more will be its lasting period. Natural henna is mixed with chemicals to augment the color to darker than its traditional orange color. It is not recommended use chemical blended henna known as black henna, which is very harmful to skin. In these days, henna paste is readily available in the cones and used to draw the design as you wanted in no time, if you are an artist.
Otherwise, you can make use of the stencils available in the market and apply this henna paste over it to get a beautiful design on your hands or feet within a few minutes. If you opt for an intricate unique design, don't hesitate to spend some time at tattoo studios with an experienced tattoo artist and it's really worth to it.

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