Friday, 1 July 2011

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There is still confusion when it comes to bra sizes, especially for big breasted women who need the larger sizes.
There are now many more manufacturers and designers, particularly in the UK who are making larger cup bras, and pretty larger cup bras at that.
The UK quite happily work with cup sizes up to a K Cup and sometimes larger than that but many European designers still stick with the smaller cup bras.
I'm not sure why it is so difficult for designers to get their heads around a K cup.  Big breasts are a reality and for those who suffer with back, neck and shoulder pain due to ill fitting and non-supportive bras, it is increasingly important to have access to a properly fitted and supportive bra and not an equivalent size because that is all that is available.
 It's no wonder there doesn't appear to be a shift in the statistic that '85% of women are wearing the wrong bra size'.
So if larger cup sizes are more readily available in the United Kingdom, why do so many big breasted women still end up wearing the wrong size?  It possibly has  something to do with outdated measuring methods still being used by so many stores for bra-fitting and the fact that bra size calculators available online are often widely inaccurate.
The old way of measuring where you measure underneath the bust and then across the bust is sometimes referred to as the 1907 method, because that is the year it was developed.
In those days whalebone corsets were the order of the day, completely rigid with no give, nothing at all like modern materials. This method tends to lead to women wearing bras that are too large in the back and too small in the cup. It is easy to tell if this is the case.  If the back rides up and the straps fall down, the band size is too big and you are wearing a bra that does not offer the support it should be giving you.
It also doesn't help that celebrities talk about their obviously wrong bra sizes.  Jordan, aka Katie Price, apparently claimed to only be a G cup.
So if you really want to know your real size, go to a store that sells the full size range of bras from AA to K cup, that way you will know that you are not being pushed towards a wrong bra size because the shop doesn't stock your actual size.
It is incredible how once women find the right bra in the right size,  they are amazed at how they look, with their breasts in the place they want them to be, feeling comfortable and confident and not believing how long they have been wearing a bra that doesn't do the job.

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